Работа со сканерами штрих-кодов

Интеграция с мобильными сканерами штрих-кодов
Consumer Products companies face a constant challenge: controlling and monitoring their complete supply and delivery chain. In production logistics, this means always having a view of the current status of the supply network to ensure that all required components for a production order will be at the right place in the right time
Задачи проекта
This solutions helps Consumer Products companies address complex challenges in their production and delivery logistics, including:• Increasingly complex supply networks requiring coordinated logistics flows across multiple suppliers• The need to ensure on-time availability of components for the efficient processing of production orders• High customer expectations for on-time delivery of finished products to the desired location
Бизнес выгоды
Business benefits of IoT-optimized Logistics include:• Optimize production and inventory with automate updates and capacity plans • Improved inventory levels• Reduction of logistics costs• Improved on-time delivery rate and customer satisfaction
Требования платформы
SAP ERP with Warehouse Management

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Обеспечение средствами индивидуальной защиты

Обеспечение средствами индивидуальной защиты

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Учет коммерческого оборудования

Refrigeration Unit / Freezer / Cooler Monitoring
Consumer Products (CP) companies selling beverages and refrigerated and frozen foods often own and manage branded freezers and coolers that are located in retail and convenience stores.
CP companies make significant investments in monitoring and maintaining the coolers to ensure they are:
• Optimally located within the retail environment
• In working order within temperature variation tolerances
• Free from vandalism, damage or theft
• Appropriately stocked to meet demand while minimizing spoilage and expiration

Business Challenges Addressed

Cooler monitoring, especially for CP companies with large global operations requires ongoing investment and maintenance in order to:• Maintain and manage asset network investments• Monitor average ambient temperatures and temperature variations from opening and closing• Manage losses from spoilage due to cooler failures

Business Benefits

Business benefits of cooler monitoring include:• Reducing losses due to theft, vandalism or other damage• Maximize equipment uptime and ensure consistent temperatures within pre-set tolerances• Minimize or eliminate lost revenue due to spoilage or product expiration• Predict replacement/maintenance needs in advance of asset failure• Automatic replenishment to mitigate the risk of lost sale

Platform requirement

Solution is based mainly on SAP PM functionality

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